Sunday, January 01, 2006

Life, Death, Everything

Haven't posted for a while, I guess I'll do some now while im thinking about life, death and everything.

We had arguments before during lunch, mainly me, Kum against Robert. During the heat of the debate, I don't think anybody really understood what everybody is talking about. For myself, I didn't understand a word Robert was saying and Robert probably didn't know what i was talking about either. Maybe I'll make my point a bit clearer in here.

The answer to the world around us, the universe, is a myth. It's always been an unknown, and it's still unknown, and it's likely it remains unknown. Humans fear the unknown, they want to know something, therefore they created religion to make sense out of the unexplained, to picture the unknown.

So it goes: these various versions of why or how universe was created, why or how lives were created, why or how humans have minds, or souls even. After I've wondered about this, there isn't so much why or how to these things. Universe is the way it is. It is simply what happened. There is no reason why or how.

Think about this: while you are walking down the park, before you take a step forward, what are the chances that you land your foot at this particular spot of the space, at this particular time, or even with this particular number of atoms in your foot at this instant. It's 1 over infinity = approaching zero. yet it happened! a miracle! well, is there a reason why or how you landed your foot which contains a number of atoms at this particular spot in space at this particular time? NO! It simply happened

now same for universe, there are infinite factors contributing to the universe being the way it is. there is NO reason why, it simply happened. the universe is there, solar system is there, earth is there. They are all just what happened. before you ask the question: Why or how did universe exist? please think about whether or not there is an answer to your question. or if there is a definite answer to any question at all?

as for life. what's the point of life?

I've always wondered: if one of my ancestors accidentally got run over by a horse, or drowned in the ocean, I wouldn't exist. or even closer: if one of my grand parents died in the famine in China during the 50's. or if even one of my parents went to a diffent university and they wouldn't meet. or if a different sperm of my dad's "got" THE egg. i wouldn't exist. yet here i am: posting on my blog, with a normal mind, normal life. Can't believe my own existence is a miracle!

your life or mine are simply what happened. considering the number of factors in history that might contribute to our own existence, the chances are almost 0. if Napolean ate a rice ball that contains .000000001% of your the number of atoms of the DNA that makes up your dad's sperm, you might not even exist. yet here we are.

there was no point of your life before you were born. life is simply what happens, it goes on. and life is a miracle and life happens. don't trouble over something like why you were created, or why everyone has to die. You exist, i exist. that's enough to know, and that's enough to be grateful for. there is nothing to the point of life. life exists and it goes on.

Life is but a flash between two eternity. The first eternity is before we were born. The second one, is after our death. There is no difference between the two: the sense of time stops for us. our "life" after death is going to be like the one before we are born. millions of years passed without us ever feeling it. and millions of years will pass without us ever feeling it after our death. Were you afraid before you were born? are you still afraid of death? many can not picture this "nothingness". but remember: you can't answer a question that has no answer and you can't picture something that is nothing. there is nothing to picture about.

for myself, i find death much more acceptable this way because at least i know where im going, not wondering between heaven and hell.